Superior Risk-Adjusted Returns in Hospitality

Directly from one of the country’s leading hospitality sponsors

San Diego Marriott Mission Valley - San Diego, CA

Driftwood Capital is an innovative investment business that we believe is built on the solid foundation of a most trusted name in hospitality.

We’ve created a hospitality ecosystem to help make smart investments secured by sponsor capital. As professionals well versed in acquisitions, development and lending, we source, underwrite, structure and close investments across diverse markets and asset types, from name brands to boutique properties. We then bring our extensive experience in hotel management to each investment, seeking to add value and improve operations to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns in hospitality.
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We believe our proprietary solution helps to reduce risk in the investment process. We execute the entire transaction then give you access on a deal-by-deal basis.

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The values that drive us

We are guided by principles that inform not just our investment decisions, but all business interactions. Our model combines private equity sponsor knowledge and access to unique investments with the potential to generate high returns. Our relationship orientation is the basis for every counter-party with whom we transact. Finally, our experience in the hospitality sector is paramount to our collective success.

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Maximize Returns, Minimize Risk

We source, underwrite and close deals with our own capital, assuming the upfront work and the risk. Then, we invite accredited investors to join us, coming into the deal at our basis. We believe our process optimizes the alignment between sponsor and accredited investor, seeking to maximize returns and minimize risk.
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Meaningful Partnerships

Our goal is to create long-term partnerships with our investors through successful transactions while targeting outsized returns. We are excited to welcome new accredited investors daily and to deliver compelling opportunities to join us in the investments you choose.
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Strong Foundation

With a 30+ year track record in hospitality, an in-house operating capability, and deep relationships within the industry, we believe we've created one of the best-in-class, vertically integrated commercial real estate private equity firms focused on the hospitality sector.
Sheraton Park City - Park City, UT

Comprehensive Approach to Real Estate

A vertically integrated team oversees all aspects of the investment and ownership process, seeking to provide a total alignment of interests with investors. In-house experts in sourcing, underwriting, financing, asset management, operations, development and legal help to ensure the entire deal cycle lives within our purview.

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