Inclusion & Community

Driftwood is a majority minority business, committed to a diverse workforce, supporting our communities and environmentally sound practices across our portfolio.


We are a uniquely diverse group of people who embrace our cultural differences.






Countries Represented


Languages Spoken


We are proud to contribute to our communities through participation in and support of many non-profit organizations.

Investing for future generations

Our hotels participate in various programs and initiatives to ensure that we are responsible stewards and active contributors to the communities in which we operate. Efforts include energy and water conservation through systems that optimize and limit use, recycling and elimination of plastic waste through use of bulk bathroom amenities, and community participation and outreach to provide support to local charitable efforts.

Developments are typically designed to have energy efficiencies across lighting, HVAC systems, insulation, controls, water heating and conservation and roofs; renewable energy such as solar panels, micro grids, electric vehicle charging stations; and resilient designs for earthquakes, hurricanes, stormwater, and wildfires.