Alex Gomez

Director, Marketing

As Director of Marketing, Alex Gomez works closely with the commercial and investor relations teams to develop and deploy all marketing materials, in print and digitally. He also supports each of Driftwood Capital’s investment teams with various marketing assets and defines brand marketing guidelines for the firm.

Prior to joining Driftwood Capital, Alex led a creative team at Urbana Creative, from original concept to execution and deployment of print materials, video production, product photography, online marketing, email campaigns and more. He was previously the marketing coordinator for a furniture company in Miami, where he led online and commercial production and placement.

Alex holds an A.A. in Business Administration, a B.S. in Communications and an M.S. from Florida International University’s College of Communication, Architecture and The Arts. Prior to moving to the United States from Cuba, he studied graphic design at Cuba’s Art Institute. He also holds a technical degree in computer science.

Alex lives with his wife and dog. He loves to learn – whether how to fix something in the house, or to play the guitar, he’s game.