Matthew Santalla

Vice President, Technology

As Vice President of Technology, Matthew Santalla oversees the strategic integration of technology, striving to supercharge the firm’s unique syndication model. Through management of the information technology team, resources and policies, he works with all members of the Driftwood Capital team to support each strategy. Matthew also advises the executive team on security and IT compliance matters.

Matthew has held various positions related to technology, from working in higher education, to building his own e-sports company guiding players to college and professional careers, to advising the United States government on systems for the defense and space industry. His most recent position was managing technology teams globally for the world’s largest academic information publishing company.

Born in Dalton, GA, Matthew has moved around the United States 15 times and has been fortunate to experience the country’s unique cultures and people. He studied Computer Science & Business Analytics at Florida Polytechnic University. While always connected to Driftwood Capital’s systems, Matthew enjoys rock climbing, graphic design, filmmaking and community outreach.